Fin Shabu Buffet is only 299 baht per person Fin Shabu Buffet 229 baht, a great variety of styles of Japanese cuisine such as Shabu Shabu, Yakisoba, Tempura, and Sushi including interesting Inigiri fillings.
You may order alcoholic drinks from the staff. Any food wasted will be charged Lets you sample our delicious menu for an unlimited time Our soup flavours include: dried fish soup (clear soup), Miso soup (thick soup), and Tom yum soup (Thai style) You can pick anything from the food bar with over 100 dishes such as tendered beef, sliced pork, pork neck, belly, pork cutlets, jelly fish, crisp squid, cheese ball, taro ball, squid ball, tempura prawn, grilled saba, yakisoba, salmon nigiri, californiamaki, dim sum, steam egg, many favors of ice-cream, fruits and hot-cold drinks. We also have a healthy food option, including organic salad combined with many organic vegetable such as black coral ear mushroom, shitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, cabbage, pumpkin, taro, carrot, Japanese spring onion. All of them are organic.